70 Best Home-Based Business Ideas That You Can Start Today

While scrolling through Instagram, I’ll admit envious emotions arise when I see college friends posting photos backpacking the world while making a comfortable living. The digital nomad phenomenon is only one example of this increasing office-free trend that’s seducing everyone from stay-at-home parents to previously full-time employed individuals to autonomy-craving millennials.

Whether you have a home-based business, travel to your clients, or cram in a few hours at a cafe, the possibilities of avoiding the 9-5 office life are plentiful. In fact, in the U.S. alone, the most recent census (2017) found that 8 million people worked from home.

It takes a self-motivated, highly disciplined person to make a home business successful. Of course you should choose a good idea that suits you best. Fortunately, there are options available for all skill levels and areas of expertise. From the lowest overhead costs to the most elaborate ventures, and from freelancers to full-fledged business owners, here are the top 70 home-based business ideas for you to choose from and get started on today: Pro tip: After picking the idea of your dreams, and before you get started putting this into action, take some time to read through the following guides. Begin by reading up on how to start your business from scratch, which includes information about how to create a website to promote your work. Then finally, add in a professional business email address to start corresponding with your clients. Low entry barriers

01. Pet sitter What animal-lover wouldn’t dream of this job? If your friends call you the ‘cat whisperer’ or you light up every time a cute dog passes you by on the street, you’d be crazy not to consider this opportunity. If you’re responsible, caring, and organized, it’s worth reaching out to your social circle and online communities to offer your services. This is also an excellent option if you want to earn extra money on the side, or are looking for a job where you can multitask between other projects. Median annual salary: $30,077

02. Survey taker Did you know that you can get paid for expressing your opinion? As a survey taker you’ll fill out forms with your general sense of the public’s opinions. To get started, create a separate email address specifically for this because you’ll have a cluster of emails coming your way. Then, reach out to a minimum of five trusted companies initially, as invitations from each can be few and far between and each one pays differently. Overall, don’t expect to make tons of money from this, rather consider it as a way to earn a few extra bucks on the side. Median annual salary: $16,000

03. Uber driver An excellent fit for social people who want to have control over their hours. Uber drivers responsibilities entail picking up passengers and safely delivering them to their destinations, as well as keeping their vehicles clean and inviting at all times. Based on a rating scale, you can become a crowd favorite and earn social respect fast if you do a good job. And with Uber, above other ride-sharing services, you’ll be working with the biggest network of active riders. Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with passengers, you can work with Uber Eats and deliver food instead. Median annual salary: $34,231

04. Professional organizer If Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising consultant, is your role model, then getting paid to tidy up others people’s mess could be your calling. Take this a step further and offer your clients tips to improve their organizational methods in the future. Whether it’s apartments or office spaces, the possibilities here are endless. The necessary criteria are communication, motivation, and (of course) impressive organizational skills. Median annual salary: $53,000

05. Personal shopper Your dream of getting paid to shop has just come true. If you have advanced knowledge of consumer goods and current trends, you can consult or physically shop for others. From wardrobes to groceries to household interiors and more, take your fashion sense to the market and start making money by helping others. Median annual salary: $32,808

06. House cleaner You may not be working from your own home, but you will have a flexible schedule as a house cleaner. Whether you decide to work with 1-2 houses or set up an entire cleaning service (the choice is yours), the only requirements aside from the basics are that you should be a thorough cleaner and have strong communication with your customers. Median annual salary: $27,339

07. Data entry specialistYou’d be surprised that a lot of documentation today is still done manually, rather than online. If you want to be a part of converting the stragglers to the digital world, it’s possible to earn an income by entering information from paper files to online computer files. Not to mention, you’ll be helping the environment by saving some trees along the way. The main requirement here is to be highly detail-oriented in order to make sure that no piece of data is left out from your transfer efforts. Median annual salary: $34,355

08. Gift basket arranger Gift baskets have become a popular present option for many reasons. They usually include at least one item everyone will enjoy, they can be highly personalized, and you can get pretty creative with the items. Based on your customers’ needs, you’ll be able to craft boxes with different assortments. Start small by working with close family and friends, then you’ll be able to use your baskets as samples to get more clients. Take this a step further and create an eCommerce website to sell your gift baskets around the world. Median hourly salary: $16

09. Freelance illustrator Take your creative talents and fly solo. Working as a freelancer in the illustration industry allows you to have more control over your work by spending time on projects that you choose, which ultimately will ensue more motivation. You'll have to create a mesmerizing illustration portfolio that showcases past projects and experience in the field in order to be able to obtain new clients too. Median annual salary: $49,380 Specialty vocations 10. Bicycle mechanic Do you have a knack for fixing things? As most people don’t, your skills are bound to come in handy. This is especially the case with bicycles, where 47.5 million Americans cycle regularly, and the number is continuously rising. You’ll be surprised how many people come your way when you market yourself as the ‘handy-man’ in town. Prior experience required is being able to fix bikes from multiple brands, weights, and sizes. And if you can work on electric bikes, that’s an added bonus. Median annual salary: $21,000

11. Pet groomer From cutting fur to nail trimming, shampooing and brushing, you can be in charge of helping man’s best friend to look fresh, clean, and ready to strut their stuff when they walk through their neighborhood. This job is meant for individuals who consider themselves animal lovers, have a lot of patience, and know how to care for pets properly. Median annual salary: $38,033

12. Music teacher If you’re gifted at making beautiful, rhythmic sounds come out of an instrument or your vocal chords, this is a way to channel your strengths and spread them to others. From piano to vocals, solfeggio and more, you could become a music teacher. Note that teaching is a skill of its own, so it will require patience, care, communication and fundamental knowledge of your craft in order to start a career or a side gig in this area. Median annual salary: $46,744

13. College planning consultant One of the most stressful responsibilities for a high school student is figure out all the answers to their burning questions about college and their future. ‘Will they be able to afford it?’ ‘How will they get into their dream school?’ ‘What will they study?’ If you consider yourself organized, motivating, and connected in these areas, your ability to help students navigate their futures can earn you a sufficient income. Median annual salary: $41,735

14. Babysitter If you’re good with kids, toddlers, or newborns, taking on this job is a great way to make a meaningful living. Whether you decide to work as a full time nanny or spend a few hours after school watching your neighbors’ kids, there is always a never-ending demand for work in this field. On top of having the skills and diplomas to work with kids, if you also take a first-aid and CPR course, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the market by being a more trustworthy care provider. Median annual salary: $33,722

15. Elder care provider If you’re looking to step into a growing field, the senior care industry is it. Approximately 24% of the total U.S. popular will be 65 years or older by 2060. And just like working with kids, this job involves being responsible, trustworthy, and having a knack for helping others. Here, you will need to provide hands on assistance with large responsibilities, such as meal prep, giving out daily pills, bathing, trips to the doctors and more. Median annual salary: $23,874

16. Private tutor Here’s an opportunity to provide assistance in a field you consider yourself gifted in, as well as able to communicate the process. From mathematics to grammar, languages and more, tutors are always needed at all levels of education, from grade school through post graduate studies. Median annual salary: $23,345

17. Translator As more business and communication is going global, language barriers are one of the major obstacles in correspondence. If you’re fluent in multiple languages, this skill will serve you wonders in the job industry. Your assistance has most likely been requested before, whether on the job or through family and friends. Yet, now it’s time for you to start earning from it by taking on tasks from companies and individuals that demand these services to function. Pro tip: Go a step further and impress your clients by helping them build a multilingual website. Median annual salary: $47,190

18. Tailor This is a job that’s always in demand for individuals looking to mend their precious clothing, from fixing holes and loose threads to hemming skirts and pants - and so much more. It takes skill to work with different fabrics and lines of stitches, as well as sometimes redesigning or creating items from scratch. So, if you’re a needle and thread guru, this could be a great ‘fit’ for you. Median annual salary: $32,560

19. Party entertainer The popularity of the entertainment industry is on the rise because having fun is a serious matter. Considering this, if your comic level or vibrant personality make you the life of the party, you might consider becoming a party entertainer. Whether you’re a clown, magician, balloon artist, cartoonist, comedian or something else, your talents will be requested in all areas of fun. Median annual salary: $23,290

20. Doula If you’re unfamiliar with this term, you might recognize it under other names like ‘birth companion,’ ‘birth coach’ or someone that provides both emotional and physical assistance throughout and after pregnancies and birth. From breathing techniques to birthing plans, and communicating all of the procedures and processes involved, you can be a vital aid in helping women get through this incredibly exciting and stressful life-changing experience. Aside from the necessary training and skills, being a supportive, patient, and responsive caregiver is crucial. Median annual salary: $42,000

21. Publicist This job entails getting media coverage and managing the publicity of businesses, brands or public figures. If you enjoy working with the media, crafting promotions, and consider yourself an excellent networker, you can make a living out of it from home (versus being employed at a big PR firm). Some of the duties and responsibilities you can expect with this job include helping each of your clients create a press kit, pitching stories to publications, and following up consistently. Median annual salary: $51,385 Creative pursuits 22. Personal chef or caterer Are you a cooking or baking enthusiast? If so, your work can stretch further than delivering your neighbors fresh baked cookies or impressing dinner guests to a plentiful spread. You can start a business straight out of your kitchen by providing meals and goodies to individuals, households, and events. Cooking skills, some basic business skills, and a food-related website are required to kickstart your career here. Median annual salary: $45,929

23. Party planner If you thrive on planning events, set your goals on turning it into your own business. From weddings to birthday parties, corporate outings and more. Most people don’t have time in their own lives to deal with all of the operational details required in order to make their events as extravagant as they wish for them to be. This is where you come in, with basic planning skills, organization, communication and more. You could be organizing caterers, hunting down event spaces, creating wedding websites, and more. Median annual salary: $33,092

24. DJ (disc jockey) Do you have an eye for crowd-pleasing music? If you know how to mix songs and beats into flowing sessions that can keep a room full of people entertained for hours, this could be a great fit for you. And if you don’t have the skills but love the idea, you can take classes and practice with different DJ softwares to get started and feel it out. This is your chance to turn your hobby into a realistically paying job. Median annual salary: $56,779

25. Video editor The power of video today is inevitably strong. Brands have come to realize that consumers are eyeing this content more than any other form, and many video marketing statistics will tell you that. So, working as a video creator is certainly worthwhile. And if you’re passionate about production and know how to create engaging clips, you’re almost all set. Once you create a video website and market your talents, brands will start to build trust with you and your work. Median annual salary: $50,584

26. Freelance photographer Here’s another hobby turned into a career. Photographers are needed across all realms, from weddings to businesses, magazines and so much more. Bring your talents to whatever field you specialize in, be it nature landscapes, family portraits, newborns, etc. Of course, you’ll need to be tech-savvy with the camera, but business and personable skills will truly keep your business afloat. For starters, you can create a photography website and add your portfolio so that every time you reach out to clients, you’ll be able to market yourself. Here are more tips to help you earn money as a photographer and some places to find freelance photography jobs online. Median annual salary: $35,726

27. Freelance graphic designer Working in this field is one of the utmost creative feats. You’ll turn images, text, shapes and colors into company assets, like logos, business cards, posters, websites and other promotional items. If you’ve studied graphic design and are looking to pursue a career of independence where you can pick and choose your projects and clients, then consider flying solo. This freelance graphic design checklist will help you get started. Median annual salary: $50,028

28. Interior designer Are you constantly imagining ways to improve the spaces you enter, from offices to apartments and homes? Taking on the job of an interior designer will allow you to scale your visions into reality. You’ll be in charge of creating and finding elements that artistically fit together within a space. Oftentimes a level of schooling is required to get started, be it a bachelor's degree or a course. Ultimately, it’s about showing your clients how experienced you are and providing them with a vision and proof of your work. Median annual salary: $51,775

29. Home staging professional This job entails preparing homes and buildings for sale by “staging” the look of them via furniture, paint, and accessories. Essentially it’s interior design, but for mock properties. Therefore, having an eye for visually pleasing design elements and colors is necessary for this job. Median annual salary: $41,812

30. Florist In Japanese, the act of arranging flowers is expressed through the term ‘Ikebana,’ or ‘making flowers alive.’ Such a vibrantly fulfilling job is great for creatives with a knack for arranging different types of flowers into uniquely packaged styles for events or sentiments. In order to work in this industry, a high knowledge of these plant species, the ability to arrange them in beautiful ways, and work appropriately with clients, budgets, and timeframes is required. Median annual salary: $27,200

31. Voice over artist This job entails working in the entertainment industry providing voice-overs for commercials, video games, cartoon movies, movie trailers and more. If you have a very clear voice and fit the tone, you just might get a job. This market is very specific though, and having the right connections sometimes helps more than specific work experience. It’s recommended to take theater or acting classes to sharpen up your vocals. Median hourly salary: $47.31

32. Jewelry designer Whether you already create jewelry or are considered a crafty person, this fun hobby can become a business for you. It’s possible to sell your goods online, in stores, at festivals, and other locations. To do so, you might want to take some jewelry making classes for specific materials you want to work with, from precious metals to wire, beads, stones, and more. Median annual salary: $57,485 Writer focused 33. Author If you feel strongly about your writing skills and have ideas for novels, it’s possible to take on writing your very own books as a profession. A job like this certainly requires strong grammar, organization, and creativity, but also a lot of motivation to get past the rotating stages of writer’s block. If you set your mind to it, like almost anything else, it’s definitely possible. Median annual salary: $62,170

34. Resume writer Writing a resume is vital if you want to land a job in most fields today. Yet, many people claim to have trouble crafting their own. If you consider yourself an expert in spewing out marketable paperwork to attract employers, then your services will be accepted by many eager job seekers. Median annual salary: $35,000

35. Blogger There are many facts and stats that will tell you why blogging is the way of the future. These reasons include generating more engagement and sales for businesses. It’s also become the norm for researching and consuming information online today (look at what you’re doing right now). And what’s in it for you? 45% of marketers outsource content creation, which is a justifiable reason to sit at your favorite cafe or on your sofa in your PJs and crank out excellent content for the Web. If you have the research and writing skills, along with prior experience, you can get started. To begin, here’s a guide to creating a blog of your own to house your content. Median annual salary: $42,170

36. Journalist Journalists have one of the most important jobs today, as they educate the public about matters happening around the world. The angle that they choose to take on a story can completely sway public opinion one way or another. That being said, a job in this field is certainly possible. Your responsibilities include thoroughly researching your subject matter and conducting interviews, then conveying all of this through strong writing skills. In this field, it’s about standing your ground and choosing projects that you feel passionate about and believe in. It’s an exciting and independent journey you will venture into. Median annual salary: $45,845

37. Freelance business writer If you’re an experienced researcher and know how to craft your knowledge into beautifully written text, this job is a match for you. From writing blog posts to user experience text, marketing emails and more content-related material, there are many directions you can go with this. Writers either branch off from full-time content positions, or take this up on their own, but either way connections in the industry and previous writing experience to back up your claims is important to land yourself gigs. If you want to impress the businesses you work with and create a funnel for them to request your skills, create a freelance website. Bonus: we’ve got an excellent guide to building a freelance website to get you started. Median annual salary: $42,120

38. Editor A level up from writing content is being able to edit it for both grammar and style. So if you love the field, you might just enjoy making adjustments and improvements to others’ work. A job such as this one requires a high level of grammar and specific knowledge on editing styles. Oftentimes that’s learned on the job, but an editing course will give you a leg up among competitors. You can do this with articles, novels and various other mediums of written content. Median annual salary: $59,480

39. Copywriter Essentially the purpose of this job is to craft the written content for a company for various mediums, from blog posts to ads, newsletters, and more. Unlike a business writer, your job is more concentrated on promotional marketing rather than entertaining. It’s a great fit if you love to write and are able to adapt to different companies needs and styles. Most companies need someone to create great content, so you will definitely be able to find work. Median annual salary: $62,170

40. Grant writer This job is not the most creative, but it’s always in demand. Your duties would entail writing proposals for a nonprofit organization or institute of education to apply for financial assistance from the government, companies, and others. Requirements include knowing the ins and outs of the organization you’re working for, and being able to write, submit and manage proficient grant proposals. Some jobs require degrees, and others are just looking for writing experience. Median annual salary: $53,806 Beauty and wellness 41. Hairstylist Coloring, highlighting, cutting and styling hair is something you can totally manage from your very own home salon. If you’re passionate about the beauty industry and follow your state’s requirements for opening up shop (licensing, beauty school and certificate, etc.), there’s no doubt you can pamper guests and make them feel more glamorous from the moment they walk into your home. Median annual salary: $24,850

42. Fashion stylist Does your love for fashion shine through from your clothing choices to recommendations for friends and family? If so, it’s possible to sell your services and start helping others feel more confident about their looks and attire. You can sway this different ways, from high-end fashion to budget-friendly fashion and more. Some go to school for this, which is recommended, yet it’s possible to start a career without proper schooling by finding experience and educating yourself on trends and body types. Median annual salary: $34,429

43. Beautician Like being a hairstylist, this is also a way to offer your services out of your very own home. This can include manicures, pedicures, waxing and more. If you are able to do one or many of these, clients will come your way. This is because home salons are typically less expensive than other options, and are naturally much more cozy. To make sure that you attract enough business and maintain a professional aura, create a beauty salon website. Median annual salary: $24,850

44. Health coach This emerging market has grown to reach revenues over $6 billion in services. So, for those that love to study the most up-to-date nutrition trends and offer their companions advice for living the healthiest lifestyles, it’s possible to make a career out of it. Your job will entail working one-on-one in regular meetings with your clients, where you can help them define health goals and stick to them in order to maintain overall physical and mental wellness. In order to work in this field, you’ll need to take a course or study a nutrition-related degree. Median annual salary: $48,239

45. Wellness instructor Meditation is the fastest growing health trend in America, and yoga isn’t too far behind. These and other tools of wellness are starting to spark the interest of more and more individuals as they’ve been proven to help reduce stress, improve concentration, and aid in many other health-related issues. Entering this field is a competitive feat, but if you find your niche, you’ll be able to gain a following. In order to work as a wellness instructor, you’ll need to get a certification in the course of your choosing. You can then begin on your own, teach at a gym or studio, or work on a freelance basis with corporations. As you can see, there are many paths to take. Median annual salary: $37,900

46. Massage therapist If giving your time or gifts to others was always something that made you feel warm inside, providing these therapeutic treatments will be right up your alley. On top of just giving massages, you can also work with other doctors, from psychologists to chiropractors, physicians and more to be able to help your patients in multiple ways. In order to work in this field, you will need to obtain your license after taking a course. Median annual salary: $41,420

47. Virtual therapist If you’re already a working therapist but looking for more flexibility in your life, exploring this option is worthwhile. There are several ways were you can offer online therapy, such as through an application, video chat, voice calls, or messages (audio or text). Of course, you would need to be a licensed therapist to provide this kind of assistance, which means that you will need to obtain your degrees first. Median annual salary: $79,010

48. Personal trainer If you enjoy working out as well as motivating others, becoming a personal trainer is a great job for you. A course is required to gain certification but after that you’ll be able to work on your own. Or you could apply to work in a gym, health center, or any other place of fitness. Median annual salary: $33,120

49. Fitness instructorTeaching classes can be even more fun than participating in them if you’re passionate about a sport. By taking a course in a specific sport/genre that you love, you’ll be able to learn the ins and outs, you’ll be able to gain the deepest understanding of that sport, then spread your knowledge to your students in the style that you want. It will also feel amazing to motivate others by doing what you love. Median annual salary: $39,820 Business oriented 50. Online store owner Consumerism is increasingly on the rise. If you live in the U.S., or plan on selling goods there,