How to create a Website

Intelligent makes everything possible for everyone.

Learn How to Create a Website in Just 6 Steps:

  1. Create your account 

  2. Choose your plan

  3. Follow the instructions & the guide step by step

  4. Upload the Content

  5. Customize your website

  6. Get your Website online

1. Create your account

It all Starts with you...Create your account...

2. Choose your plan

Next step, choose your plan.

You can select which platform you want to create your dreams because every platform it has a different panel and different features!

3. Follow the instructions     & the guide step by         step

When you chose your plan you receive your step by step guide.

You must fulfill all the sections when you finish the guide we receive your content and we start to create your Website and contact you.

4. Upload the Content

It's time to upload your content and our developers make your website!

5. Customize your Website

it's time for Training

We saw you the website and your job is to make changes...

Also, it is time for your Free training, you can change and edit everything in your Website at any moment!

6. Get your Website Online

It's time to publish your website in the world! Goooooddddd luckkk!!!